The Holly Place in Tajima Akabana Kishimojin Hokkeji Temple

Holkkleji Temple

398 Akabana Tanto-cho

Toyooka-shi Hyogo Prefecture

Japan 668-0352

tel&fax 0796-56-0526



Temple Name     Hokkeji Temple

                        (popular name Akabana Kishimojin)


Denomination   Nichiren Buddhist Temple

(Head Temple : Minobu-San Kuonji Temple

           in Yamanashi Prefecture)



     The Hokkeji Temple was established in 1618.  After then, Kishimojin(a goddess for children) was enshrined on the mountaintop of Ginryu-san equal to the southwestern direction as a guardian deity the Hokkeji Temple.  From then, people in Tajima have deeply believed that this statue of Kishimojin works wonders.

     The Hokkeji Temple has a big festival, Kishimojin Spring Festival, in April every year.  At this time, the sacred statue of Kishimojin moves down to the main hall of the Hokkeji and great blessing ceremonies are held for worshipers who come from all over the Kinki district.